Systems Optimization and Artificial Intelligence Innovations for Sustainability Systems of Africa

Joint workshop organized by Dr. D.Sc. Abebe Geletu (German Research Chair, AIMS Rwanda), Prof. Pu Li, (TU Ilmenau, Germany), Dr. Edo Abraham (TU Delft, the Netherlands), and The Mathematics department of College of Sciences and Technology - UR.


30. August 2022


31. August 2022

It is repeatedly quoted that the majority of the African population has neither clean drinking water nor electricity. However, for eternity, the sun shines, the wind blows and the rivers flow on the African continent. It is simply scarcity amidst abundance. What is missing is ingenuity, systematization, and the scientific approach.

In most African countries, existing water distribution systems suffer from age, significant water loss, mismanagement, poor water quality control, huge energy consumption, etc. Moreover, centralized power generation and distribution systems are plagued by repeated power outages, proven impractical, and routinely fail to reach rural Africans. Moreover, they are unable to meet the ever-growing demand for more energy. In fact, these problems are exacerbated by the constantly growing population, the developmental aspirations of the African continent, and unstable supply and soaring prices for fossil fuels which are the bases for conventional energy generation. If proper and timely action is not taken, these problems may soon spiral out of control and reach insurmountable levels.

Hence, the efficient and ingenious use of renewable energy and water resources is central to Africa’s social growth and industrialization aspirations. Above all, the use of renewable raw materials has never been as demanding as it is in these times. Therefore, adaptive systematization, the implementation of advanced scientific techniques, and the use of modern technologies are indispensable to achieve these goals and, more generally, to achieve the goals of sustainable development.


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